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Date of Birth: 11/11/?

Hometown: Japan

My Story

Chester is one of the most hard working men in this life. Growing up, he was physically and mentally abused by his father, who was killed by Chester years later after Chester noticed his dad stab his mother. His mother survived, and the two buried the body in their backyard. Chester's mother suffered from depression and paranoia, and they needed money, so Chester decided to enroll in the Japanese military (we do not have any records because they have all been burned down during the apocalypse). His experience ranked him to a high commander, but no one really knew what he looked like because of the scars his father gave him on his face. In the military he went by "Fox," then the more he ranked, people called him "Hadowaku," which meant "hard worker." After beating many of his conrads in the board game, everyone called him "Chess," for his many wins. The name Chester came from a kid he chose to rescue in the a large fire when the troops were in Iraq. The kid died in Chester's arms, as he wept because he felt like he failed his mission. After changing his name to Chester, many soldiers would tease him about it. Chester fought many fights with his own friends for the name, assaulting many who spoke wrong about his name. He was kicked out of the military for shooting his Conrad, and Chester moved to Million Bay and lived on the streets for months. He was discovered by a man named "Weston" who paid Chester to assassinate many celebrities on a hit list. Around that time Chester found out that his mother died from cancer, which motivated him to commit more violence. He was successful as a hitman, killing dozens every year. His last mission was to throw a pedophile into a pool full of alligators at the zoo. The mission failed after a zombie herd took over the zoo, leaving Chester to fight to the death, killing every zombie there. He was then discovered by four women who asked for his blessings to turn the zoo a community. Chester chose to be an independent recruiter, bringing in people like Sunny Jean and Skratch into the community. He made friends with Sunny, and keeps a close eye on Skratch, but overall, Chester plans on joining the two to create a new world.

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