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Jessica "Skratch" Volkov

Date of Birth: 12/9/2001

Hometown: Million Bay

Actor: Jessica Tataru

My Story

Jessica Volkov, aka Skratch is a little firecracker. At only 5'3, she stands tall to anyone who tries to do any harm to her or her family. It all started at the age of 8 when she picked up the drums and practiced music. Her parents would argue everyday unless it's a holiday, where they showered her with gifts and rewards. Jessica was great in athletic competitions such as swimming, basketball, softball and wrestling. Her favorite hobby was music, and she knew how to play the drums well by age 13. At age 14 she joined a band called "The Virgoes." During a Virgoes performance, an enemy of Jessica went on stage and attacked the guitarist. Jessica hit her with her drumsticks, until the girl slashed Jessica across her right eye, leaving the trademarked scar on her face. After high school, Jessica quit the band, as they were always close to stardom, but weren't consistent. She attended Million Bay college to study psychology. During her 5th month of being at the school, a zombie outbreak invaded while she was in health class with professor Nancy and her friend Rocky. The trio escaped the university and traveled on foot for days. Jessica then busted into an abandoned house where she met Sunny Jean. She eventually met Chester, and the trio set to takeover the world, and they will start...from Skratch.

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