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Charles "Sunny Jean" Victor

Date of Birth: 08/04/1989

Hometown: Million Bay

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My Story

Born in the competitive city of Million Bay, scraping his way to the top, Charles Victor is the true definition of living a "rags to riches" story. He grew up in a foster home, and would go to many many boxing matches with his father, who nicknamed him "Sonny" after the boxing legend "Sonny Liston." It's no surprise that Charles had to always fight like a boxer from elementary to high school, sometimes, it was his fault. That flare would come out time and time again, causing him and his family to move around to different parts of Million Bay. In high school, Charles met a hustler named Nate, who introduced Charles into drug smuggling. Charles worked at a guitar shop, and would hide drugs inside of the most expensive guitars, because people wouldn't buy them, and those who did would call ahead of time to make sure it is available. The axe guitar that Sunny carries is because no one wanted a guitar with a real axe built in, so after escaping prison years later, he took it from the [now vacant] shop and used it as a weapon. Police raided the guitar shop but couldn't find anything, and put Charles in a juvenile detention center for the weekend just so he could have a felony on his record after Charles punched a customer in the face when finding out they worked with the cops. Nate bailed Charles out, and moved on to a different endeavor; washing cars. Charles worked at an car shop as a salesman (the same shop that was also used to smuggle drugs, but Charles wasn't involved because he was being watched by an officer by the name of "Houston"). Charles learned a lot about sells and customer service, which was what he considered his own "therapy" because he's never been to an actual therapist. He sold a car to a music executive by the name of Riley, who played the cd that Charles left inside of the car. Part-time, Charles performed local shows around the Bay, until Riley put his band on the map. "Sonny Jean" was the name of the band, which involved a drummer, bassist and guitarist/vocalist, who was Charles. Sunny Jean sold millions of records, and Nate decided to part ways with Charles, to focus on the mob he runs. They ended with bad blood, but that didn't stop Charles from traveling the world and becoming famous on the internet. After a few years later, Charles understood the music business and wanted to make more money, but unfortunately his band was fading out slowly. He re-connected with Nate and the two sat with members and owners of Million Bay to put together a life insurance company called "Million Bay Life Insurance." After releasing one last album from Sunny Jean, Charles made a fortune, and bought out Million Bay Life Insurance, thanks for Nate, who helped create the fanbase that Sunny Jean had at the time. Two years later, Million Bay Life flourishes, and Charles lost communication with Nate after a while, even though Charles owes him approximately $6 million. The year 2018 Charles took a vacation with his then fiance, Jamie, and the two went to an island, where Charles would propose to her at the top floor of their penthouse. He proposed, and Jamie said yes. The two celebrated with a night out, and after going back to the suite, they were somehow poisoned by Nate, who added powder from the "suicide pill" to have Charles and Jamie hallucinate to the max. Jamie was drugged so badly, that she actually committed suicide by jumping off of the penthouse balcony, about 30 stories high. Pedestrians and guests at the hotel claim Charles pushed Jamie off, which sent him to prison. With Nate's reach, he was able to have Charles locked in prison for murder, spending 20 years locked up without parole. While in prison, not only did Charles get into it with a group of men who call themselves "wolves," but he also got into it with an officer Roman, who threw Charles into the hole after Charles attacked him for the abuse Roman did to Nurse Sandrea. Roman wanted to report the incident, but the warden had another idea in mind. Scientists wanted to experiment a new formula on 10 inmates. The liquid injected in them could either kill them, or make them immune to any damage or illness. Charles survived the experiment, leveraging his current powers with his sentencing in prison. The warden guaranteed that whoever survived the experiment will have their prison sentence reduced, and a job offer to be the correctional officer of "Adam Cove Correctional Facility," where Charles was doing his time. The promise was broken, so Charles got his revenge on officer Roman, the wolves, and the warden, confronting them and exposing his super powers to the other inmates. Government had no choice but to make Charles a C.O, giving him the advantage to make the prison right. Years went by and things went well, until a zombie outbreak started, killing many inside of the prison. Charles was the only one to escape, leaving him alone for days as he traveled the new world. After a few weeks, he met two other friends. They now travel this world with Charles protecting them most. He even changed his name from "Sonny" to "Sunny."

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